NAVANOR LOGISTICS aims to be a company of the most valued within the sector of the transport of goods by road. In order to achieve so, the Direction of the company focuses the Quality System as a way to organize the operation of the company, based on some basic pillars such as the Quality of its services, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the System.

All this to develop the commitment to:

  • Compliance with the client’s requirements, the legal requirements applicable to their activities, products and services and other requirements that NAVANOR LOGISTICS may subscribe.
  • The Quality oriented towards the Satisfaction of all our clients through the commitment of the entire organization to meet their needs and requirements, as well as the understanding of the needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholders.
  • The adaptation assurance and the continuous improvement of the system, always keeping in mind the context of the organization, both internally and externally and performing a periodic review, and by monitoring the established objectives.
  • The understanding that quality management is the responsibility of all those who form the company, which is why NAVANOR LOGISTICS directs its efforts to employ technically competent, trustworthy, responsible and conveniently trained personnel and with adequate material means to provide its services.
  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of all, so this Policy is disseminated to all company personnel for their knowledge and understanding.

For the effective application of these principles, support to them from both the management team and the staff is absolutely necessary.

Marisa Alonso Quintana


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